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Healing is often not a straight line. Ups and downs are normal and to be expected. That's why the guidance, support and direction that a professional health coach can provide is so important.


80% Improvement

I developed CFS, MCS, brain fog and other health issues after being exposed to mold during a stressful time. It was a struggle to attend to ordinary daily tasks.


I chose to work with Shonna as my Gupta coach. I felt connected to Shonna because of her willingness to share her experiences with me. Her insights brought a deeper understanding of The Program tools. My commitment to the program and my personal awareness rose significantly with her compassionate guidance and positive affirmations. She is brilliantly intuitive about my sticking points and brings them to my attention without judgment.


Shonna is instrumental in helping me with awareness of thought patterns and behaviors, retraining unhealthy beliefs, and healing past emotional wounds with acceptance. I continue to develop new thought patterns in place of the old ones.


Working with Shonna as I learn the Gupta Program has been a transformative and life affirming experience. My CFS and ME are over 80% improved. I am happier, I have more energy, and I have more enthusiasm about new endeavors than ever before. I plan to re-engage with my favorite hobby this summer — hiking in the Rocky Mountains!


Shonna’s support took my recovery to the next level. Her compassion and enthusiasm for helping others is a gift. I highly recommend working with her to embrace the journey towards authenticity, health, and happiness!


In Gratitude,


Highly recommend Shonna!


I started talking with Shonna about week 3 of doing the Gupta program. She has helped me so much! She is a ray of sunshine in what has been a very difficult situation for me. She always has great advice about the best way to fine tune the Gupta program for my needs.  I cant say enough good things about Shonna, she is one if the most caring, kind, intelligent people I have ever sought help from.  I highly recommend her as a coach!

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