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Hi! I'm Shonna


I support people heal from anxiety and complex chronic health conditions.

I am a passionate advocate of the Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program, after using it to completely  reclaim my health and life in 2014. Prior to my recovery I was diagnosed with labels such as ME/CFS, POTS, MCS, mold sensitivity, Lyme, food sensitivities and others. I spent many years searching for solutions and implementing countless regimens, prior to the success with the Gupta Program.

I began the Gupta Coach Training in 2017 and became certified in March 2020. I have a health science background and graduated from the University of Alberta in 1993. I'm a Heart Math Coach, a Neurolinguistic Programming coach and I have my EFIT level one certification with Dr. Sue Johnson.

I also draw inspiration from the work of Dr. Rick Hanson who is the creator of Hardwiring Happiness and Dr. Carolyn Leaf who is a Christian neuroscientist. 


 I have experience coaching people that are participating in a Post Covid research trial using the Gupta Program. I now have developed a passion for coaching people who are recovering from Post Covid, using the Gupta Program. 

In my own healing journey, having a compassionate and encouraging coach who had experienced a similar journey made all the difference in my recovery. Now I am honored to be a supportive mentor in the journey of transformation for others. I work to create a safe and accepting environment to help cultivate growth and support healing. In this process, people can discover authentic self-worth and happiness.

You can find me in the Canadian Rockies and I love participating in several mountain sports and activities with my family and friends. I volunteer and have been trained with the Canadian police (RCMP) as a Victim Service Advocate for people in my community experiencing crisis.

Now, I meet with clients from all over the world by Zoom, and can be reached at

Explore Brain Retraining With Me

Group Coaching

Gupta group coaching and courses are an excellent way to get the information and inspiration to propel you forward. Many people prefer group coaching to individual coaching. Why? Because they get to learn from other people's questions, ask clarifying questions themselves and feel connected and supported. It is also much more economical than individual coaching. 

Although we all come from different backgrounds and have unique lives, you will also see the similarities that many of us have as we are on the journey to wellness. 

All the information that I share is what I share in the individual coaching. I give real examples of how others have used the program to support their healing journey and I also share more details about mine. 

You are welcome to keep your video on or off in the Zoom sessions. Whatever you are comfortable with is most important. 

Individual coaching

At this time I have very few appointments left for Individual coaching sessions, for the next few months. I do give priority to people who have taking my group sessions, as they have already been given the important information that I share in all Individual sessions. Sometimes, after completing the group sessions, people do have specific circumstances that they request Individual coaching for.

Gupta Program Brain Retraining™

It's Not All In Your Head. You Are Experiencing Real Physical Symptoms From A Real Physical Condition.

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