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Support, Inspiration and Connection

Learn key components of the Gupta Program in an experiential space

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  • Online with Zoom, in the comfort of your Home

Service Description

*Have you been doing the Gupta Program for at least 3 months and you would like to get more inspiration, guidance and connection? * Do you need a review of how to simplify or customize the program? * Would you like to ask more specific questions about how to implement the Gupta tools, going forward? * Would you like to hear more examples of how others have used the program to regain their health? * Would you like to EXPERIENCE more aspects of the program instead of just intellectually understanding it? This Group Coaching series is designed for people who want to go deeper into fundamental components of the Gupta Program to further support healing. Some of the most popular topics and experiences will be: -Connecting to our Wise Loving Self. This Self that is always present in every human being, is our true nature. Some people call it our Essence, Spiritual Self, Grounding, Higher Self, Holy Spirit or Holding. What do you call this place within you? Through an experiential intention we curiously explore the many ways that we can connect with this wisdom and peace within us. This is used at step 3 in the retraining steps, but we will also practice experiencing this at any moment we desire. - Review of Parts (session 10-12 )and how they are interconnected with symptom and non symptom thoughts. We will discuss many common examples and then practice as a group putting thought patterns in the retraining steps. We will also look at how to use other Gupta tools. - Visualizing. This is one of the most popular subjects to discuss and experience together. We will explore different ways that we can visualize in step number 6 and the shortcuts. The neurobiology of the brain and the amygdala's communication language will be briefly reviewed, so that we appreciate why visualizing is so powerful in calming the nervous system. - The Retraining Step "Shortcuts": We will discuss and experience the many shortcuts that can be used to stop ourselves from going down "the left hand path". It is easier than you may think. - How to most effectively deal with "dips". Let's face this head on so that you can feel supported if they happen. For most of us they are a normal part of healing. We will discuss what Ashok means when he says to "float" through them. Many examples will be used so that you can go into a surrender state and allow them to pass, if they happen. Participants are invited to share and ask questions if they choose, but there are no expectations.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact me at least 48 hours in advance.

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