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The Advanced Neuroplasticity Brain Retraining Program for Chronic Conditions

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“I cant say enough good things about Shonna. She is one of the most caring, kind, intelligent people I have ever sought help from.  I highly recommend her as a coach!”

— Janet, Maine

My CFS and ME are over 80% improved. I am happier, I have more energy, and I have more enthusiasm about new endeavors than ever before.

— Kathryn, Texas

Meet Shonna Stokowski

I'm a passionate advocate of the Gupta Brain Retraining Program, after using it to completely reclaim my health and life in 2014. Prior to my recovery I was diagnosed with labels such as ME/CFS, POTS, MCS, mold sensitivity, Lyme, food sensitivities and others.

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Supporting people heal from complex chronic health conditions

Gupta Program Brain Retraining™ Is A Powerful Revolutionary Neuroplasticity Or "Limbic Retraining" And Holistic Health Program For Chronic Conditions.

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